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Made for Affinity Designer

1 Tropical Creator Kit.png

Price | £30

Create stunning tropical-themed designs with ease. Simply drag & drop 270+ Assets. Customise further by adding texture in one tap using the included Styles pack or paint the texture in using the included Stipple brushes, the possibilities are endless.
This pack was created in and is made for Affinity Designer

What's included?

  •  5 pre-made Tropical background scenes (Vector Assets)

  • 270+ Tropical Assets (Vector Assets)

  • 26 Styles (Raster)

  • 8 Stipple Brushes (Raster)

  • Instructions

Also Included:

  • The original master file with all the background scenes & assets (Vector - .afdesign)

  • Examples File to inspire your creativity (Vector - .afdesign)

Compatible Software & File Format (read before purchasing)

  • Fully Compatible: Affinity Designer V2

  • Partially Compatible: Affinity Designer V1.9+ - .afassets / .afbrushes / .afstyles are compatible but .afdesign files are not (so the additional Examples file or the Master file wont be compatible)

  • File Formats included: .afdesign / .afassets / .afbrushes / .afstyles


You may use the assets, brushes, styles, & files included :

  • To create 'works' that are transmitted publicly, uploaded, distributed or rented

  • For any commercial purpose

  • Without a limitation of period and number of times

You may not:

  • Sublicense the assets, brushes, styles, & files included

  • Duplicate/rename/modify the brushes, styles and colour palettes for reselling purposes

  • Distribute, transfer, rent, or license the assets, brushes, styles, & files included by duplicating and transmitting publicly the materials beyond the scope of permission set out in this licence regardless of whether the assets, brushes, styles, & files included are modified or altered.


No fonts are included in this pack, any text shown in the promotional images are curves/shapes.

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