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I've also included free downloads that are compatible with Affinity Designer, check the bottom of the page. 

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Retro 80s Design + Free Download

Affinity designer retro design

I made this 1980s style design on Affinity Designer. I have included a free video tutorial (below) where I guide you through making it yourself. Also I would like to give you all a free download of the original Affinity Designer master file so you can see how it all works, have a 'swell' time learning and playing.

Free Affinity Designer File PLUS Extras!

Artwork using Retro Future Brush Pack

Watch the tutorial

FREE Source file (.afdesign) of my retro artwork completely free of charge!
Click below to download.

Created in Affinity Designer using the 

'Retro Future Brush Set' 

Check it out below.

Retro Future Brush Pack Logo

FREE I am giving away the source file (.afdesign) of my SALE ICONS.

Watch the tutorial