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A round image with a tropical design with the words Tropical Creator Kit, made for Affinity.

Create stunning tropical-themed designs with ease. Simply drag & drop. Customise further by adding texture in one tap using the included Styles pack or paint the texture in using the included Stipple brushes, the possibilities are endless.


Whats included?

• 5 pre-made Tropical background scenes (Vector Assets)

• 270+ Tropical Assets (Vector Assets)

• 26 Styles (Raster)

• 8 Stipple Brushes (Raster)


Also Included:

• The original master file with all the background scenes & assets (Vector)

• Examples File to inspire your creativity (Vector)

Tropical Creator Kit

£30.00 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
  • Compatibility (read before purchasing)

    • Compatible: Affinity Designer V2


    • Partially Compatible with Affinity Designer V1.9 meaning .afassets / .afbrushes / .afstyles are compatible but .afdesign files are not (so the additional Examples file or the Master file wont be compatible).


    • File Formats included: .afdesign / .afassets / .afbrushes / .afstyles
  • Licence

    Licence Information

    You may: use the assets, brushes, styles, & files included :

    • To create 'works' that are transmitted publicly, uploaded, distributed or rented

    • For any commercial purpose

    • Without a limitation of period and number of times


    You may not:

    • Sublicense the assets, brushes, styles, & files included

    • Duplicate/rename/modify the brushes, styles and colour palettes for reselling purposes

    • Distribute, transfer, rent, or license the assets, brushes, styles, & files included by duplicating and transmitting publicly the materials beyond the scope of permission set out in this licence regardless of whether the assets, brushes, styles, & files included are modified or altered.

  • Note:

    Note: No fonts are included in this pack, any text shown in the promotional images are curves/shapes.

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